04 November 2015


Sorry about the lack of updates here.

A whole year has passed since I posted here. A lot has happened since then, both on a personal level and for the stud.

The main thing is that I completed the move to the new facilities in May. The barn with 12 x 18 undercover riding/training/breeding area plus crush, tackroom, float parking and saddle up area is everything I had hoped it would be. The new house is lovely, too...

Mid year, a new stallion arrived. Owned by a partnership and managed by Narrawin Stud, the Icelandic stallion Gneisti von Roetgen (Imp.GER) arrived from NZ. He travelled by ship and settled well into his new home. He will have some mares in spring.

I placed an ad in Horse Deals for all the stallions and the stud in general, and to let folks know about the venue change.

The foals have started arriving. Two colts so far, Leon by Ramirez and Lorenzo by Rev, both out of Paso Creole mares. Very happy with those two. One more to go, hoping for a filly.

I decided to put some horses on the marked for very low prices so get numbers to a more manageable level, as I may be going back to Uni next year. I also needed to raise some funds for a much needed bore on the property, as the access to my neighbors' stock water has been removed. October saw the adverts go up and within two weeks most of the horses had been snapped up.

I had three Ieelandic Horses here for training until recently. Currently, I have one of my geldings in work (Serrano) and Compay, a stallion I just sold. I have further horses coming up, and I am really looking forward to finally starting Chica under saddle.

Just over a month ago, I conducted a Gaited Workshop, which attracted participants from Vic, NSW and WA. This was followed by a three day clinic with Trisha Wren (Connected Riding), also held here. It was a busy few days, but it was great to see everyone learn so much and have so much fun.

I post most of my updates and photos on Narrawin's Facebook page now, so I urge you to come on and check the news updates there.

25 November 2014


On 31 October, Esperanza had a bay filly foal from Rev (Reverende de United (Imp.USA)). I named the filly "Carinita NS" in honour of her maternal granddam R-N's Carinita. Young Carinita looks very much like gran, which makes me happy, as gran was a fine horse indeed and I loved riding that mare.

On 4 November, Zara also had a bay filly from Rev. I named her Esmeralda. Like Carinita, she is a very nice looking filly, and to say I'm happy with both is a very big understatement.

All photos by Yvonne Lehey

07 October 2014

Trisha Wren visit

We were lucky to get Trisha Wren (Connected Riding) here for a couple of privates. Both Yvonne and I have had lessons with Trisha before, and we have organised clinics with Trisha as well.

This time, there was only time for one private lesson each for us, and I had to put up with a downpour during mine. But it was well worth it regardless, and I had a very good session with Flamenca. Yvonne was more lucky and even had some sunshine, so that her session with Carlotta was even more pleasant.

I had been working in my seat, overall posture and many smaller things since we last had Trisha here, and I had made a lot of progress. It was good to check those things and get additional pointers. I love the way she looks at the whole picture, tackling issue is a very holistic manner. At the same time, she can give pinpoint suggestions. She trouble-shot the small issue I had experienced in using hip rotations immediately, by suggesting a small tweak.

I highly recommend Trisha, and we will definitely have her around again for lessons. Hopefully, when my facilities are in place, we can host another clinic, too.

23 September 2014

Sad news

Guardaraya had a premature filly foal (to Reverende de United). Unfortunately, the filly had several issues to to being so early, and we had to let her go the following day. This was Rev's first foal in Australia, and it was a good looking filly.

I am now eagerly awaiting the arrival of two other Rev foals, due in late October.

24 July 2014

New addition

Joining the ranks of our broodmare band is the black filly Bella, aka Santana Belle (formerly known as Ruffian). Bella is by Max (Wildmoor Pilgrim Son) and out of the imported Racking Horse mare Santana Bay.

My thanks to Christy and Jesse, who bred the filly.


01 July 2014

Ownership change

Narrawin Stud is now solely owned by Chris Bahlo.

The Stud's postal address has changed to 47 Kleins Road, Dereel 3352.

AuSome Compay

30 April 2014

Ballarat Rural Lifestyle Expo

We had glorious weather for the whole day at the Expo in early April, and it was a pleasure to be there. The day was well organised by the Ballarat Agricultural Show staff and we had a good spot. The Expo has a FaceBook page, with a photo of us.

We took Flamenca (MGR La Tigre (Imp.US), Peruvian Paso mare and Carlotta NS, Paso Creole mare). It was the first time out for Carlotta, but soon she was all cool about it, like the much more experienced Flamenca.

We did brief ridden displays throughout the day, which invariably made people stop and look. This gave us the opportunity to show and explain Gaited Horses to a lot of people.